Restore your computer to original factory settings

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Restore your computer to original factory settings Empty Restore your computer to original factory settings

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 30, 2011 5:22 pm

I got a virus which crippled my computer, another time it completely took over my computer and would not let me do anything except buy their software to get it off. The first time I was shocked and shopping for a new computer to replace a very sufficient 4 year old one. Then I tried to figure out how to restore to original factory settings. The first thing you must do NOW is create a system repair disk by following this link Having the disks is vital if you lose total control of your computer as I did. Now you can reboot and the computer should boot you from the disk and restore itself. Your computer should run like the day you got it. I also take mine out every 6 months or so and blow all the dust out of them with my compressor. You will lose data, but you should back all your pics, documents, and videos to a back up disk to minimize this. I also use yahoo toolbar on all my computers so all my bookmarks and favorites are still there.

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