LED Lights- 5 watts each

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LED Lights- 5 watts each Empty LED Lights- 5 watts each

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 30, 2011 5:40 pm

My current electricity bill is tiered so that if you reach a certain level of use the rate is doubled and then just keep going up. I am on this line almost every month so I'm trying to cut wherever I can. These 5 watt LED's look almost like regular incandescent bulbs and cost about $8 on amazon, or the 7.5 watt ones are available at Costco now for $10. make sure to buy the warm white color, as the white color is almost blue. I have over 90 light bulbs in my house, so this has been a six month project converting most of the house over to LED's. Even the 5 watt bulbs are significantly brighter than the 60watt equivalent florescent curly bulb, plus, you may never have to replace the LED's compared to my curly ones that only lasted a couple years- multiply that by 90 and you're changing bulbs all the time. I also replaced 3 garage 4ft fixtures (6 tubes burning 210 watts) with a box and cheap fixture that holds a standard bulb. This job cost me $6 plus $8 each for three LEDs, now I use a total of 15 watts to light my garage and the difference is unnoticeable.

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